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I am taking an exciting step. I’ve set up a Patreon!

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A monthly contribution via Patreon will pay for an audio engineer, my time as a producer and recording software. This podcast will be produced in partnership with Media Girlfriends, a podcast production company in which I'm a principal (and the best group of collaborators a girl can ask for).

I write At The End Of the Day because daily news can be overwhelming. My overall mission remains: to explore how to turn a firehose of information into perspective, so we can care for ourselves, our people and the greater good.

Be a part of this journey as I experiment with ways to write, work and reflect on the news. Contribute whatever you wish -- you set the price. To do so, when you click on the Patreon, you can choose the one tier ($10/mo) OR scroll down to choose “custom pledge.” I firmly believe in pay what you wish. Make your own number!

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