ATEOD x The Real Food Kitchen

Get 20% off and eat 🥗🍝🍪 you didn't cook yourself

📣 Welcome to At The End Of The Day’s first sponsor! 📣

Hi ATEOD readers,

Here’s the thing: In this pandemic, I’ve cooked 5 kajillion meals. I’m pretty burnt on cooking.

But what I love doing is writing this newsletter. So I approached The Real Food Kitchen. Would they be my first sponsor? 

They said yes! 

Oh hey!

I picked this company because Steve, who works at The Real Food Kitchen, is an ATEOD reader. We connected when he replied to one of my newsletters. It was nice to know he already liked what I was doing.

The same goes both ways. I already knew and liked The Real Food Kitchen. They had provided hot meals (and birthday cakes!) to my children’s daycare centres. I remember being jealous when I’d read notes on what my kids ate. It sounded healthy, delicious and most importantly, cooked by someone who was not me.

Today, as they pivot parts of their business in this pandemic, The Real Food Kitchen is growing their home delivery service. And I learned they provide paid sick leave to their staff (yes!). So they’re a food prep company I can get behind.

Here is where you come in:

For the next four weeks, we are offering the ATEOD20 promo code for home delivery of their frozen meals. Here’s what happens when you make an order:

  • You get a frozen meal delivery (how will you use that extra time?)

  • You get a 20% discount

  • ATEOD newsletter receives 15% of sales to support its growth

I am so excited by this because it feels like a win-win-win (we all need to eat) and because it’s exactly the way I want to grow the business side of this newsletter -- slowly, sustainably and with companies I’m aligned with. Plus, I think the price is already pretty nice so the discount, and supporting ATEOD’s growth, hopefully make it that much sweeter.

Take the opportunity to place an order!

If you want recommends, I ordered the Herbivore Weekly Survival kit, which arrived in long, frozen packages which were very satisfying to the freezer-organizer in me. I also ordered a cocoa beet loaf (which I inhaled, oops -- next time I’ll order two), a few bags of zucchini muffins (the first ingredient is actual zucchini!) and cookies, ginger and oatmeal.

Do yourself a favour and skip meal prep this week. The delivery boundaries are listed below. If you don’t live in the area but have a friend who does, forward this to them so they can grab some white bean curry (a fave for me) or mac and cheese (a fave for the kids!).

*Delivery boundaries are: Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Vaughan, Markham, Pickering and they deliver to a pick-up location in Hamilton

* This offer is available until February 26, 2021 through to March 26, 2021 for first-time customers only

And if you’re a company that is interested in working with me, let’s talk. Write me anytime at Thanks and take care.

Hannah ✨