Friday vibe

Taking a break this week

Hi friends!

My super-trusted, sunshine-in-my-DMs editor Ishani Nath is taking a well-deserved break for a couple of weeks so I’m taking the opportunity for some downtime, too.

It’s not easy to take a break from never-ending news so I hope (after briefly checking in on your local public health recommendations to be as safe as possible, physically-distant, et cetera, et cetera) you’re able to unplug, too.

We woke up like this 🎵🥴 The need to vent is real

I’ve been appreciating the power of a break from news overload. I need this break to recharge and I know I’m not alone.

At my house for Friday night, we’ve been looking forward to “Family Party” (listen — anything to look forward to). “Family Party” is the reward my kids get for filling a jar of marbles, each one earned by getting ready for school on time (my god, these marbles have been earnedsoslowly…).

Gonna party tonight

While the kids were at school, we threw up some bunting and later, I’ll be serving some fave kid foods. I’ll put on some tunes (the one Harry Styles song they know plus a Disney hits playlist are the bangers for this crowd). We’ll dance and watch a movie, too, but I know the real thrill for them is having off-the-clock grown-ups in the house who aren’t doing five things at once.

The world is tough. At least a break can be simple.

I hope you get to connect (with people) and disconnect (from everything else) this weekend, too.

Stay safe and take care of yourselves. See you next week!



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