🔴 Welcome joni!

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I’m so excited to welcome my latest marketing partner, joni 🎉

joni is a period care company based in British Columbia, Canada.

You can get pads and tampons at any giant drugstore or supermarket. But how many of those companies have menstrual equity as a core value?

Let me give you a quick list of how joni is different:

🔴 When you make a purchase with joni, they donate pads to people and communities who need them

🔴 They’ve donated 100 000 pads so far (since launching March 2020)

🔴 Their pads are organic and biodegradable (traditional pads break down over 300 years and create microplastics)

🔴 They ship directly and shipping is free, bypassing the barrier of discrimination based on location, a real financial barrier for some Indigenous communities1

🔴 They’re so done with shame and stigma (and so am I – may the commercials I grew up with forever be retired as laughable relics on YouTube)

For all these above reasons and more, I’m thrilled to be partnering with joni. As a reader of At The End Of the Day, you can use discount code ATEOD15 to get 15% off your purchase, whether it’s a one-time buy or a regular subscription.

Your purchase of joni also helps me grow the business of my newsletter as ATEOD will receive a percentage of sales.

That means, when you use the ATEOD15 discount code to make a purchase with joni:

✅ You get what you need (delivered!)

✅ joni will donate period supplies to people who need them

✅ Each time you use the ATEOD15 discount code, it builds the business of this newsletter

It’s a win-win-win.

The movement toward menstrual equity is one I feel strongly about. When my eyes were opened to period poverty, I learned how deeply it exists in our own communities in Canada (reflecting all the systemic inequities we know about along lines of race, income, gender, ability, location and colonialism). The more I learned, the more I couldn’t believe how stubbornly invisible this issue remains. In 2019, 34% of Canadians could not comfortably afford menstrual products. What?! Yes.

Co-founders Linda Biggs and Jayesh Vekariya launched joni in March 2020.

“We’re different on purpose,” Linda told me, describing the desire to create a company that is good for our bodies, our planet and our communities.

Growing up, pads always magically appeared in our household, available to me anytime I needed them. More recently, reusable cups and period underwear have become things I can buy online with a click. But of course, access to period products isn’t about clicks and magic. There are real financial and social barriers to access.

This is why I’m so happy to be partnering with joni. I can’t imagine a better business than one that takes a product that people need and designs a better way of doing it all – delivery, manufacturing, access and on a larger social level, challenging the stigma that reinforces shame about periods and poverty.

In the future, joni plans to create a full range of period care so you can mix and match reusable and disposable products (I don’t like single-use anything but as Linda pointed out to me, disposable pads are the most accessible type of period care – so true!)

Periods aren’t a topic I previously thought I’d get fired up about. But if you care about fairness, equity and normalizing menstruation, a totally life-giving sign of healthy bodies, hey — me too.

The ATEOD15 discount code is available to you through to December 31, 2021. If you know someone who wants to use this code, forward this to them. And thank you for supporting values-led businesses!

With big thanks to an individual who first opened my eyes to period poverty in Canada, Jana Girdauskas of The Period Purse, who are also partnered with joni — thank you, Jana!