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Listen to this series on Black Canadian history by Media Girlfriends and Historica Canada. We are so proud of it. Because Black history is Canadian history. Episode 4 now available on the story of abolitionist, educator and journalist Mary Ann Shadd, the first woman to publish a newspaper in North America.

BOO! Happy Halloween weekend from soggy Toronto, where the weather is keeping us in suspense about how trick-or-treating is going to go. Will my kids land their candy jackpot? Pray for me. Either way.

I’m taking a wee break from the newsletter this week, catching up on work and life. I’m also thinking deeply and making future plans for this newsletter.

When I take stock of past highlights…

My personal favourites include

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When I take stock over the past year and a half, mostly I think about your replies and comments, which have been a lifeline during these weird pandemic times. 

As I look ahead, I’m thinking about how to keep building this community in a way that gives back to you and builds the growth of this newsletter sustainably.

In that vein, I’m re-upping a survey I shared last week. It was created by my editor, Laura, and myself with the help of our friend and colleague, Frances, who brings the marketing and business acumen. The goal is to create ways to make this work more sustainable and to pay people fairly for their contributions to ATEOD.

I’ve already learned a lot from those of you who replied last week (thank you!). 

I’ve heard that you’re most interested in reading about culture, news commentary, tools and resources (like the bystander intervention training Q&A with Julie Lalonde last week,1 which was very popular and had many shares, something I was so glad to see). 

Your feedback is really valuable to me, so if you haven’t already, consider filling out the survey. 

I love learning more about what resonates with you and why. You don’t have to put your name to the survey. It should take about 5-10 minutes of your time. 

I plan to use this anonymized information for planning future newsletters (what would you like to see?) as well as marketing efforts (communicating with potential collaborators and sponsors, to grow revenue to compensate people fairly, myself included). 

Your feedback will help me as I look ahead to 2022.

Thank you so much for reading, today and always!


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Anyone can experience the bystander effect Here’s how to break it A Q&A in bystander intervention with Julie Lalonde, who is giving a free Zoom workshop on Nov 3. Sign up here

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